People suffering from severe immune-related diseases must keep a strict hygiene routine that will protect them from infections that would worsen their condition. Even the smallest bacteria can attack their immune system, forcing them to fight back, which is often impossible, so they must make sure they don’t get into contact with any type of bacteria. To help immunocompromised patients stay away from infections, we have gathered some home care tips to take into account.
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Intense home cleaning

The house of a person who suffers from an immune-related disease should be extremely clean and it’s best that the cleaning is performed by another person, as they should not get into contact with germs and dust mites. Everything they touch must be very clean, from the door knob to the remote control to the kitchen counter. Their room is of utmost importance, particularly the bed they sleep on must be very clean and free of mites and allergens.
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A thorough disinfection is mandatory

Besides regular cleaning, the house requires an intense disinfection to make sure all the germs are gone. An item that will come in handy is the regular clothes steamer that can be used on almost any surface and it will offer great sanitizing results. The powerful hot steam created by the clothes steamer can penetrate the fabrics and gill mites, can remove germs from the floors, and can kill bacteria in the bathroom and kitchen.
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Extra care with the food

The food is another source for bacteria and temperature and storage are essential in maintaining a strict hygiene. Food must be very well cooked, even the one you just reheat must be brought at least at 140F to kill any possible bacteria. Fruits and vegetables must be scrubbed and washed very well to get rid of dirt and dust and never chop meat on the same chopper you use for vegetables. In the refrigerator, meat goes on the bottom drawer to prevent juices from spilling and contaminating other foods and everything that comes out from the fridge goes in as soon as you are done using it.
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No plants allowed

Although they are very beautiful and can improve air quality, plants should not be present in the home of an immunocompromised patient because they create fungal spores that can be inhaled by patients. The leaves and the soil can host a wide range of spores that spread into the air, so it’s best to keep plants away. Not even the flowers in vases are allowed around people with a weakened immune system.

If you haven’t used the sauna before, we recommend that you start using it because it hides so many health benefits that you will want to have one at home. Spending time inside a sauna that creates steam or infrared light can help you solve a variety of health issues that you never thought were possible. Although most people see the sauna as a relaxation means only, it brings many unexpected health benefits and here are 5 of them.


While sweating, your body eliminates toxins it collects from food or the living environment, a process called detoxification. Given that the sauna creates high temperatures that make you sweat intensely, it offers a great support in detoxifying your body. While sweating in the sauna, you force your body to eliminate all the unwanted toxins, promoting a better overall health condition. If you are skeptical about the detoxifying effects of infrared saunas, we invite you to see how that works here and convince yourself of the purifying effects it has on your body.
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Skin improvement

Your skin will look great after a sauna session because the heat opens the pores and eliminates residues and impurities your skin gathers every day. You will achieve a nice and smooth glow after sitting in the sauna for a few minutes and you will help your skin recover after all the harmful things it comes into contact with.

Better blood circulation

The heat created inside the sauna promotes a better blood circulation that has many health benefits itself. Your blood vessels will dilate and the blood flow will increase, which results in an improved heart condition. The accelerated blood flow also influences your metabolism so you will manage to burn more calories during your sauna session.
5 Unexpected Sauna Health Benefits Picture

Reduced stress level

The relaxing effect of the sauna helps you reduce the stress in your life, which is an important step in strengthening your mental and physical health. Having regular sauna sessions will help you get rid of all the stress you gather during the day so you will achieve a calming feeling that will keep you away from anxiety, depression, and heart problems.

Relieved muscles and joints

Saunas offer great results in alleviating pain in the muscles and joints, especially after an intense workout. A sauna session every time you experience aching muscles will offer your body an intense feeling of relaxation and will improve blood circulation in your muscles, resulting in less painful muscles and joints.