Since it has been invented, the microwave oven has raised many question regarding how safe it is for you, given that it uses a type of radiation that helps cook your food. Although it became one of the most useful and popular appliances in the kitchen, people have not stopped wondering how safe the microwave is for their health. To help you set things straight, we will analyze the operating of the microwave oven to determine if microwaving your food is bad for your health.

The type of waves it uses

It’s true that the microwave oven uses a type of radiation that penetrates the food, but specialists ensure that this radiation does not temper with the quality of your food or your health condition. The wavelength of the microwaves used by these appliances is not harmful to your health in any way so you must not worry that your food will be changed in any way. The radiations used are completely safe and can’t do any harm to your body as they don’t exist the microwave while cooking so you will not be exposed to any radiation.
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Does the microwave change the food’s structure?

The biggest concern related to microwaves is the fact they change the food’s structure, meaning they somehow mutate the ingredients, which is not a founded concern. The food’s nutritional value doesn’t suffer in any way from microwave cooking and you will still get the same tasty and healthy food you would get by broiling your food. Most of the cooking methods, especially boiling and frying, destroy the nutritional value of food because most of the nutrients in food are lost during the cooking process. The fact that microwave cooking doesn’t imply adding liquids that would take away the vitamins and proteins in your food and that the cooking time is significantly shorter makes this cooking method safer and healthier.
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How to keep microwave cooking safe

You will not be exposed top any health risks if you know how to handle your microwave oven. Some tips will help you turn this cooking method into a healthier one so you won’t damage your health. First of all, you must make sure that your oven works properly, the door closes tightly, and it doesn’t show malfunctions. It is important to use a quality microwave. Older models are less safe to use than newer models so you might want to replace your old oven with one of the top picks of On this website, you will find information that will help you choose a quality, safe microwave. Second, you should cover your food so the cooking process will take shorter and all the nutrients will remain inside your food, resulting in juicy and tasty food. Last, but not least, never cook or reheat your food in plastic containers that emit harmful gases inside the microwave oven. Plastic casseroles and containers should never be used in the microwave because of the toxic gases they emit that can be as dangerous as causing cancer.

Many of the appliances people use at home work on gas that burns and creates some emissions that can be harmful at some point. The question that remains is how harmful these emissions can get and whether or not they pose a risk to people’s lives. To find the answer, let’s take a look at the most common appliances, their operating mode, ad the health risks they pose to your health.
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The risk of gas based appliances

Many of the appliances you use at home are powered by gas because it’s a more economical supply and it offers convenience in places where you don’t have electricity. Although gas based appliances seem useful, they hide a drawback that makes them extremely dangerous, which is the carbon monoxide emission. Carbon monoxide is the result of appliances burning gas and it’s not a good thing to have it in the air you breathe. Also known as the silent killer, this type of gas can affect your respiratory system and the worst part is that it can’t be smelled, seen, or heard as it takes up volume in the air. Inhaling carbon monoxide can cause you breathing problems and it can go beyond that and affect your brain. The symptoms of gas poisoning, which is the result of inhaling carbon monoxide, range from dizziness, nausea, and vomiting, to loss of consciousness, faint, problems in concentrating, and even death.

The danger inside the house

The major concern is related to the appliances you have at home and use gas as power supply because these release carbon monoxide into a closed environment. One of the most dangerous is the gas heater because it create heat at the same time it creates carbon monoxide, which increases the health risk. Sleeping in a room heated with a gas heater can be deadly so we recommend that you use another type of heater like an infrared heater because it’s much safer. Other appliances that you use less often, like the dryer, are not as dangerous, although it’s best to limit the use of gas based appliances and turn to an electric heater.
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The danger outside the house

Not only the indoor appliances are dangerous but the outdoor ones as well, so you should also pay attention to those. For example, you could experience dizziness and heavy breathing while using a gas snow blower because it could release carbon monoxide towards you. If you start feeling sick while handling such a unit, it’s best to stop it and step away from it because it could be dangerous even though you are located outdoors.