Can Gas Based Appliances Pose a Risk to Your Health?


Many of the appliances people use at home work on gas that burns and creates some emissions that can be harmful at some point. The question that remains is how harmful these emissions can get and whether or not they pose a risk to people’s lives. To find the answer, let’s take a look at the most common appliances, their operating mode, ad the health risks they pose to your health.
Can Gas Based Appliances Pose a Risk to Your Health Picture

The risk of gas based appliances

Many of the appliances you use at home are powered by gas because it’s a more economical supply and it offers convenience in places where you don’t have electricity. Although gas based appliances seem useful, they hide a drawback that makes them extremely dangerous, which is the carbon monoxide emission. Carbon monoxide is the result of appliances burning gas and it’s not a good thing to have it in the air you breathe. Also known as the silent killer, this type of gas can affect your respiratory system and the worst part is that it can’t be smelled, seen, or heard as it takes up volume in the air. Inhaling carbon monoxide can cause you breathing problems and it can go beyond that and affect your brain. The symptoms of gas poisoning, which is the result of inhaling carbon monoxide, range from dizziness, nausea, and vomiting, to loss of consciousness, faint, problems in concentrating, and even death.

The danger inside the house

The major concern is related to the appliances you have at home and use gas as power supply because these release carbon monoxide into a closed environment. One of the most dangerous is the gas heater because it create heat at the same time it creates carbon monoxide, which increases the health risk. Sleeping in a room heated with a gas heater can be deadly so we recommend that you use another type of heater like an infrared heater because it’s much safer. Other appliances that you use less often, like the dryer, are not as dangerous, although it’s best to limit the use of gas based appliances and turn to an electric heater.
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The danger outside the house

Not only the indoor appliances are dangerous but the outdoor ones as well, so you should also pay attention to those. For example, you could experience dizziness and heavy breathing while using a gas snow blower because it could release carbon monoxide towards you. If you start feeling sick while handling such a unit, it’s best to stop it and step away from it because it could be dangerous even though you are located outdoors.