Drying Clothes Indoors is a Serious Health Risk


You probably heard about indoor air humidity and that it sometimes increases to alarming levels that could become dangerous for your health. What you never thought of is the fact that a simple habit of yours can increase air humidity. We are referring to drying clothes indoors, a common mistake many housewives make ignoring the potential dangers. Perhaps the following article will convince you that drying clothes indoors is a serious health risk.
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The importance of air humidity

Indoor air humidity should be at a 55% level in order for you to feel comfortable and to prevent health problems. When the air becomes too moist, mold spores start to develop and to spread rapidly into the air. This affects your breathing system as you inhale the spores that reach into your sinuses and lungs. This is why it’s so important to maintain a constant level of humidity and to avoid adding unnecessary moisture to the air.
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Drying clothes indoors increases mold development

The main concern regarding drying your clothes indoors has to do with the connection between increased air humidity and mold spores. The water that dries from your clothes turns into vapors that remain in the air and influence the air humidity, turning it into the perfect environment for a particular type of mold called Aspergillus fumigatus. This type of mold causes a severe disease known as pulmonary aspergillosis, a lung infection that can cause fatal damage to your lungs. One load of wet clothes dried indoors can send up to 2 liters of water to the air, resulting in a thriving environment for this dangerous mold spore. Although some people are immune to it or have a strong immune system, others can suffer severe complications that can lead to death.
Drying Clothes Indoors is a Serious Health Risk Picture

The safer alternative to drying clothes indoors

Given all the risks involved in drying clothes indoors, we recommend that you use a clothes steamer that can have all your laundry dried without any risks. An electric clothes steamer is the best choice if you want to dry your clothes without increasing the indoor air humidity. After washing the clothes, simply toss them in the dryer, set the desired drying cycle according to the type and texture of the clothes, and leave it complete the cycle. Your clothes will be dried evenly, they will have a pleasant smell, and you will be kept away from health problems.