Most Efficient Alternative Treatments for Back Pains


While most people use medication to relieve their back pains, you must know that there are other ways of dealing even with the most intense pain. If you are not too comfortable with taking painkillers, you can try some alternative treatments that turn out to be very efficient in fighting back pain. Experience the following methods and see which one works best for you.
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A great way to alleviate back pain is to try acupuncture, an ancient technique that implies finding the pressure points in your body and inserting thin needles in them. Acupuncture should only be performed by professional acupuncturists who can safely insert the needles without posing a risk to your health. This method works very well as it manages to relieve pressure from you back muscles and it relaxes your back so the point where you don’t feel pain anymore.
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Nevertheless, a good massage can do wonders for your back pain, which is why it’s such a popular alternative treatment. If you want to enjoy a massage at any hour of the day, we recommend that you use a massage chair that can offer you a great massage at home. There are many models at affordable prices that offer the efficiency of an experienced masseur so you won’t notice any difference. Massage chairs come with back rollers or heated lumbar areas designed to offer a targeted massage in your back area.
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Yoga and Pilates

By strengthening your back muscles, you will manage to reduce the pressure you feel while performing daily activities. Exercises like Yoga and Pilates can help you grow more muscles and strengthen your back muscles so you will not be affected by pain. At least 30 minutes of these fitness exercises every day can help you reduce back pain and eliminate the risk of injury.
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Chiropractic therapy

A chiropractor can help you reduce the back pain and discomfort through some exercises that involve physical therapy, ultrasound therapy, and heat therapy. They break muscle spasms and detect trigger points in your back that will help them eliminate the pain source. Most chiropractors crack your back n order to eliminate the nitrogen bubbles that gather around your joints.
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Back problems can be caused by the lack of some essential vitamins that promote a well functioning of your body. Some of those vitamins are B12 and D, two essential elements that your body needs for strong bones. You can get these vitamins from supplements and foods and doctors really recommend that you keep your vitamin levels under control if you want to experience less back pain especially as you age.