The Truth about Bread and Your Health


Most of the diets that promise to help you lose weight don’t include bread, which automatically makes you think that bread is bad for you. Although it’s true that bread contains many carbohydrates that can make you fat, there are some types of bread can be good for your figure and your health. To help you decide which is best for you, let’s discover together the truth about bread and your health.
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Bread contains plenty of carbs

The main concern related to bread consumption is the high amount of carbohydrates it contains. Bread is usually made of grains that are immediately digested and sent to the bloodstream as glucose, causing you to feel hungry shortly after eating. The starches in bread influence the blood sugar levels, which leads to an increased risk of diabetes, which is why people who suffer from diabetes have a carbs-restricted diet.

Bread contains gluten

The main ingredient in bread is wheat, which is the biggest source of gluten, which is what makes the dough so elastic. Gluten is a protein that influences your digestive tract and forces its immune system to attack, causing bloating, tiredness, pain, and stool inconsistency. Many people are allergic to gluten and suffer from a so-called gluten intolerance that keeps them from eating any type of bread or pasta made of grains like wheat, barley, rye, or spelt.
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Bread doesn’t contain many essential nutrients

Although eating bread could take away the hunger feeling, it doesn’t contribute to your health in any way because it doesn’t include many nutrients you could get from other sources. Bread is full of calories but doesn’t contain vitamins or proteins, it is poor in amino acids, it lacks important minerals, and it reduces the nutrients absorption from other foods.
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The good in bread

With all the health risks bread poses, you could think that it can’t do you any good, which is not completely true. Bread made of whole grains is 10 times better than bread made of refined grains because it contains more nutrients and fibers that improve your diet and keep you health. Also, gluten-free bread is less harmful and will keep you safe from a variety of diseases. However, the best bread is the one you make yourself and doesn’t include any additives, leavening agents, or improvers. This is why we recommend that you invest in a good bread maker that will allow you to prepare your own bread using only flour and other ingredients that you choose. You can enjoy delicious gluten-free bread, graham bread, seeds bread, or sweet bread that you can have hot and fresh any time you like.